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Sustainable mobility and renewable energy

An increasing number of people live mobile lives due to their domestic, work, leisure and hobby activities. The share of commuters in particular has grown due to jobs focusing in cities. The world’s growing energy needs threaten to increase the consumption of non-renewable natural resources, such as oil and coal.

Wood is a renewable and environmentally-friendly raw material but it is also a source of energy. In 2014, the forest industry will already produce about 2/3 of Finland’s renewable energy.

In 2025, several biorefinery construction projects are underway or planned in Finland. The forest industry’s biorefineries are located in connection with pulp or paper mills, which means that wood raw material and related side-streams can be used efficiently to manufacture different types of products, for example, biofuel.

Biofuels, such as renewable diesel or bio-oil, can be refined from logging residues, stumps and bark. Sawdust can be refined into bioethanol.

New production technologies and manufacturing processes contribute to sustainable development, reduce the environmental burden and save energy. As a result of research and development, new technologies that serve the realisation of the bioeconomy are being introduced.

Wood is used as thoroughly and rationally as possible before it is utilised in energy generation. In accordance with an efficient material economy, the different parts of trees are used as effectively as possible in the manufacture of different kinds of products. Pulp and paper mills, just like biorefineries, deliver renewable energy as a by-product, which is also used to power these facilities. After they have been recycled, forest industry products can, at the end of their life cycle, be used as renewable energy.

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